Capline Logistics
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You can obtain the information concerning the total cost of delivery of your cargo, including the freight, cost of customs clearance and preparation of all necessary documents, by contacting us:
 · via the phone (372) 7979133, (372) 7979134,
 · via the e-mail;
 · or completing a request on our website for the calculation of the freight costs of   your cargo.

The managers of our company will promptly conduct all necessary calculations and submit the entire information you might be interested in.

It is extremely important for the prompt and high-quality resolution of the question that we obtain the entire information concerning the assigned task.

For the calculation of the rate and deadlines of cargo delivery to Russia we would need to possess the following information:
 · cargo location address;
 · cargo length, width, height and weight;
 · commodity code;
 · commodity cost;
 · customs terminal in Russia;
 · debarking address;
 · delivery deadlines.

For the commodity shipment to Russia it is necessary to hold:
 · freight contract;
 · cargo invoice;
 · cargo contents list;
 · embarking and debarking address;
 · contact details.


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